Our brief interludes have no more, or any less value than what some consider lasting.


Those snippets of moments that become ubiquitous after you’ve had them, or fantasized of them becoming your reality… The ones that disrupt your thoughts and illuminate your desire until they blindside your days....

The graze against your jeans.  Our breath before kissing. No segue into not knowing whose sweat is who’s.  The thermal energy between our bodies and where all that energy is bound to go. Untying, discarding, slipping off, engaging, removing it all...


My name is Vivian.


I have lovingly labored long and hard to be where I am today.  Years of hands on research, study, and transformative experience have led to me where I am now.  Connection isn't a part of my life, it is me. It is what drives me and leads me to heal myself and others.


Don’t be shy darling, I want to know you.


© 2014 Vivian Hetaira